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8 GPU Mining Rig – GTX 1070/Ti/1080Ti/etc – hardware designed for massive hashing power – custom built & ready for many Altcoins

8 GPU Mining Rig – GTX 1070/Ti/1080Ti/etc – hardware designed for massive hashing power – custom built & ready for many Altcoins



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Custom Built Aluminum 2020 Frame, 8X EVGA GPUs, Custom 3D printed and laser cut parts, ASUS motherboard, Corsair RAM, EVGA PSUs, Intel Processor, 7 Quiet Fans, Windows 10 Pro, Risers and Adapters
  • Made to order
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Update: 2 free hours of full-service setup help with our expert consulting team is included with every full rig purchase! And additional service can be had at a discount for 90 days. We’ll help you every step of the way from unpacking to plugging things in properly and getting the miner/s of your choice up and running. You’ll also be invited to join our private discussion server where we talk about the best coins/tokens to mine and how to optimize hardware and software for maximum profitability/efficiency. We even discuss power utilization, hardware reviews and releases, and more!

4GPU and 6GPU Units are now also available, and upon request we will still build them with enough power to manage 8 cards in an open frame for when you decide to acquire more GPUs. Please message for details if you want cards other than the 1080ti in partial systems – or use separate listings as applicable.


REMEMBER: in a low market, you are mining THE SAME AMOUNT OF COINS. When the market recovers, you will have the same value as if you were mining those exact coins at a higher present value. Don’t despair. It’s actually a better time than ever to get into the game.

Please inquire for details or specific card requests.

Hashrates: for ONE 1080ti:
A rig in this listing contains EIGHT CARDS:

SCRIPT: # for 1 card/ RATE — # for 8 cards

Lyra2REv2 67 MH/sec — 530+
Decred 4.5 GH/sec — 35+
LBRY 0.4 GH/sec — 3.0
Equihash 590 SOL/sec — 4500
Pascal 1.5 GH/sec — 11+
X11GOST 18 MH/sec — 140+

More estimates coming soon!

1070ti is roughly 60% as powerful as 1080ti. Convert as needed.
1070 is roughly 50% as powerful ^^
1060 is roughly 30% as powerful ^^
RX580 uses different algorithms and is similar to a 1070, but not precisely comparable.


This series of mining rigs from Artesian Design (also home to Artesian 3D Printing) leverages the immense power of the GTX 10 series cards to outperform anything else on the market.

***The 1080Ti annihilates the competition with immense hashing power. This is the PINNACLE of crypto mining in a tabletop rig. It is the most efficient card in terms of watts per dollar. Or hash power per watt. For an 8X rig, you need 2X 15A or 20A breakers to run safely! 21A of power is needed.

***The 1070Ti is the second most efficient card on the market, delivering respectable hashing power and more modest power consumption.

***The 1070 comes in slightly below the budget of the 1070Ti and delivers almost equivalent hashing per dollar. Sipping even less power or similar power to the Ti version, this is a great entry point card series.

***The 1060 is the scrappy younger sibling of the bunch, enabling you to enter the alt-mining space without breaking the bank. Although it has lower hash power, the 1060 can consume less than 100W of power per card in many circumstances.

>>>>>>>>>>> Extra special additional note: in addition to its own separate listing, the 1080Ti Hydro runs powerfully with all the same glorious hashing ability as the regular 1080Ti, except it’s also 30-40C cooler! That means you can run at stable speed for longer and your card will outlive its air-cooled brethren. They also overclock more easily! We are one of the only outfits in the world building these machines and are proud to have shipped them all over the country to satisfied buyers! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Unlike other bizarrely “pre-customized” listings for mining rigs, these rigs will never come with any sort of pre-installed mining software, wallets, or bloatware of ANY kind. A fully licensed legal version of Windows 10 (With physical copy if possible) is included of course.

I believe in the “teach a man to fish” mindset, so you’ll get a clean install without anything fancy. That means you can install and run the mining software yourself. It takes just minutes. Doing this for you might save you those few minutes, but it would be a real knowledge drain and I promise it’s worth the effort!


Specifications & Features:

Diversify your Portfolio: This much power in GPU form allows you to tackle a wide range of scripts and mine a wide range of coins, including:
Vertcoin, Feathercoin, Monacoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Zcash, Siacoin, Pascalcoin, Hush, Library Credits, Dubaicoin, Ubiq, Expanse, Chaincoin, Digibyte, Musicoin, Signatum, Zclassic, Dash, Litecoin, Zencoin, and many more!

Endurance & Reliability: All rigs are designed with care and built to last with durable parts and high-end components from the best and most reliable brands including: Corsair, Noctua, EVGA, AMD, Intel, ASUS, XFX, MSI, Cooler Master, and similar.
Core components will ALWAYS come from Corsair, ASUS, and EVGA/Radeon/Sapphire/AMD (as applicable).
YOU can register all of your components with their manufacturers, allowing you to take advantage of EVGA’s stunning 10 year warranties on GPUs and Power Supplies. All components will be brand new and shipped to you with all relevant pieces / extras – ensuring your peace of mind.

Aesthetics: Beautiful hand-laid cable management and acrylic mounting plates help give your rig a distinctive, professional, and clean look.

The open-air frame also ensures air remains flowing between cards, keeping them cool and extending their lifespan. High quality fans from Noctua, Corsair, and others are used to create even more airflow and cool the 8 monstrously powerful GPUs.

In the Rig & Box:
1x Frame (with adapters for stacking frames)
2x+ (Or 3X!) 850-1000-1300 Watt Power Supplies (or smaller if 1060s chosen)
1x Motherboard with m.2 adapters (usually ASUS 270 or B250)
1x 4+GB RAM
1x Intel Celeron Processor or higher grade
1x 120GB+ Solid State Hard Drive (256 with 1080Ti rig)
8x-GPUs with risers (allowing them to be remotely connected to the motherboard)
Windows 10 Pro – with USB physical media from the OEM box (which you also get!) [You may also request a Linux distro of your choosing or add one yourself] (Please inquire for special discounts)
All associated extra components / manuals / parts

Power Draw:
1080Ti – 2000-2200W
1070Ti – 1800W max
1070 – 1700-1800W
1060 – 1200W max

Sound & Noise:
About 42 decibels with frame fans running at lower power. (quiet room)
About 50-60 decibels with frame fans running near full power. (light conversation)
[Less noise with the Hydro Hybrid cards]

Size & Weight:
34″ x 13″ x 15″ (length x width x height) 86 cm x 32 cm x 38 cm
(Fits easily on a standard desk or even a small table)
Approx: 55 lbs. (25 kg) (packing weighs more sometimes)

The Parts + Details:
Frame: Custom-designed 20/20 aluminum
PSU(s): GOLD certified with 5-10 year warranties, sometimes PLATINUM certified if available
Motherboard: ASUS B250 ME OR Prime Z270-family (with m.2 adapter) 5-way optimization, UBS 3.1 (10 GB/s), & Gigabit LAN
RAM: 4-8GB DDR4-2400mhz+
CPU: Intel Celeron processor, 64-bit (or Pentium or i3, stock depending + ask for upgrades)
HDD: 120+ GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive. Quiet, durable, ultra-fast, low power consumption (256gb+ for largest rigs)
GPUs: Brand new cards built to the highest standards in the industry.

If you prefer another brand of GPU, please let me know and I can build a custom order for you. Discounts may be possible!


*Windows 10 64-bit Professional License (With physical media when applicable)
>>>> You may use Linux if you wish, or request a distro from me. Discount may be applicable.
*Modified bios settings & optimized GPU drivers for the best performance
*No bloatware of any kind. EVER. (Although I might install Chrome/Firefox, obviously)


Artesian Future Technology may modify or slightly improve small aspects of this rig and its components in the future, but the core points above will remain more or less constant unless large hardware changes occur.

Please remember that the mining process is not “free money” without a little effort, research, and a healthy dose of patience. You are looking at a precision tool made for an elegant new world of online currencies. A lot can change in an instant here, but the components involved are solid and the underlying principles are all quite solid. Buying rigs or communicating with me is not a legal contract or guarantee for profits in any way. Judge the numbers for yourself before purchasing. Please inquire for estimates as the markets change often!

Returns/Exchanges are regretfully not accepted due to very high shipping costs and packing specifications. Please message us for help with RMAs/warranties/etc. This is important and we’re happy to provide assistance.


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