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eMail Continuity & Backups


Email Spam and viruses can be a work stopper. With millions of new viruses estimated per month (according to Norton and McAfee), your firm is at high risk for this pandemic. We take a  pro-active approach to spam and virus protection, utilizing technology that stops malicious emails from ever even entering your inbox with these tactics:
Anti-spam services that filter all incoming email for spam. All such email is sequestered in a web-based Spam Filter for each user’s review(Sandboxing).
We don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 
We offer cloud a portal that enables you to still send and receive email even if your mail server or email host goes down. 
Suspected emails containing malware or viruses are filtered through our solution before they even reach your workstation.


Most never worry until it happens. So, what happens to your during disaster or a cyberattack? Do you have a disaster data recovery plan in place? Doesn’t matter where your live or work, a burst pipe, power surge, data corruption, or hardware failure can happen. We include a pro-active backup and disaster recovery plan in your flat, monthly IT management fee so that should disaster happen, your data is recovered quickly and automatically. Rest assured that your business never stops running, regardless of the circumstances. We have recovered critical data less than 5 minutes after cleint put in a request.  In fact, most of our recoveries (depending on data size), are completed in 15 minutes or less.