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Why go with IT as a service?

More companies are frequently adopting to IT as a service. Technology is changing rapidly and most firms find it difficult to keep up with their day to day tasks and IT. That’s when IT consultants come in with a niche in modern product management technique for managing and operating an IT departments. Typically, this involves…
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Valve’s $999 Index VR headset promises ‘high-fidelity virtual reality’ with revolutionary controls

Busy day for virtual reality, eh? This morning Oculus announced preorder dates for its Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S headsets today, and we posted reviews of each.   Read More…

China Updates Crypto Ranking, Downgrades BTC Further

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has updated its ranking of 33 crypto projects, evaluated in three separate categories as well as overall. BTC has been downgraded further since the center’s previous update while EOS and Ethereum still top the overall ranking.   Read More.

What is bitcoin mining and is it profitable?

Bitcoin mining is crucial to maintaining the blockchain underpinning the cryptocurrency. But miners are facing fewer rewards and higher costs, while competition continues to heighten. We have a look at what bitcoin mining is, how it works, and how profitable it is. Read More.